Thursday, September 23, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) Just find crayons in the apple drawer of the fridge. #LifeWithAToddler

2.) It's nearly October and this fakkin' hot!? #GoodGrief

3.) RT @shitmydadsays: "You came out of your mom looking like shit. She thought you were beautiful. Don't know what scared me most, your looks or her judgment."

4.) Sucking on sour Jolly Ranchers because it numbs my urge to puke. #BiteMeMorningSickness

5.) The oldest daughter just went cuckoo for cocoa puffs while in the halloween costumes section. Result: I don't even know which one we bought.

6.) "Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society." -William Thackeray

7.) My child just got caught mooning her friends... #LikeFatherLikeDaughter

8.) Cleaned out Big Bertha so I wouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed of the 5 pounds of crunched up Sun Chips on the floorboard come carpool 2moro.

9.) Q: Wanna know what my first trimester of this pregnancy has felt like? A: Being hungover & on a 24 hour deep sea fishing stint. #ShootMeNow

10.) I never thought I'd ever say this...but I'm so looking forward to Monday. #FiveHoursOfMeTime #HipHipHooray!

11.) I absolutely adore picking up my lil Lyla from school & watching her face light up the second she sees me as she says, "Momma!" #Heartmelting

12.) Wishes the 4 year old realized that we don't have to wake up early on the weekends. She must have missed the memo...

13.) Skittles: Breakfast of Champions

14.) The mabster checked out her 1st library book at school today. She chose "Fancy Nancy & the Posh Puppy." Surely, she's not wanting a pup... on a different note, she also told me that "Jesus is God's son. and He makes carpet...out of WOOD!!" #IHeartCatholicSchool #WWJD and lastly, while eating Mexican tonight, the oldest says, "Hola seƱora Botamy"...(this is her Spanish teacher at school)...#GodLoveIt

15.) RT @capricecrane: Emilio Estevez skipped the Breakfast Club reunion Monday because despite being told "don't don't don't," he forgot about them.

16.) today, i finally get to have my first ultrasound for baby grape. FINALLY. crazy how i'm only one week shy from the end of my first trimester. this pregnancy is fuh-lying! how do i feel? just depends on the day. seriously. wouldn't trade it for the world though...and knowing this is the last one makes it that much more bearable.

17.) looking ahead, in exactly 2 weeks from today we leave with the mitchelles' for VEGAS, BABY!!! KIDLESS, BABY!!! we're going in honor of mitchelle's birthday on 10-10-10 and are beyond ecstatic...can't beat those odds, right!?

18.) My favorite shows are back on tonight. Yay for Fall television!! #TheMiddle #ModernFamily. also dear #Glee, you are officially now my most favoritest show ever simply because of the addition of a filipino girl and a hawt blonde boy. #Perfection