Saturday, September 25, 2010

UAB vs. Tennessee

saturday, our beloved close friends (tony and maloney) invited some friends over to watch the UAB vs. Tennessee football game at their house. kick off started at 11:30am, and we brought a dish to share. the kiddos enjoyed playing around with each other, and as always the girls really love playing with claire bear. so we're all watching the game. it's a good one. the blazers are holding their own and we're all cheering along. here are some pics...the game ended with the vols winning in double overtime with a score of 32-29. we fought hard, but as all the guys joked, "UAB football: home of the moral victory." perhaps one day we will pull through with a W. but hey, like the bumper sticker reads: "our nationally ranked team wears scrubs." it's true. we're proud. goo blazers.

lastly, maloney started making the fruit dip which she was preparing for the "boudoir party" for a fellow friend when the mabster asks if she can help. maloney pulls her up and chair and they get to work. it was so cute. soon claire bear was right beside her and they were both dipping their fingers in the leftover whip cream tub. loved we (the mommies) get ready and ride together over to katie b's house where the girl party was going to take place at 6:00pm. the guys and kiddos stay and play all day and night. it was awesome and worked out perfectly. thanks for having us, tony and maloney! XOXO