Sunday, October 31, 2010


sunday, we had plans to eat dinner at lola and pawpaw's house. reason being because karla maria had a big surprise to share with them. apparently though, when lola watched all 3 kids for us during supper club, the mabster kinda leaked out the secret and told lola that, "tita karla has a baby growing in her belly." the funny thing was though that lola didn't believe it and chalked it up to her confusing it with me (her mommy). it was pretty funny. thankfully, karla maria thought it was cute and funny too. clearly, my kids are horrible at keeping secrets. so when we all arrived, KM told abby to whisper to pawpaw the good news. he was excited, repeated the news to lola, and everybody clapped and celebrated.after wards, we let the munchkins play downstairs on the newly installed hardwoods that pawpaw did. they absolutely loved bouncing the multiple balls everywhere. overall, i'm so happy that the twinkie and i will get to experience one more (both of our last) pregnancies together. funny thing is, lyla was born 3 months behind carson over 2 years ago, and now her baby #2 will be 3 months behind our baby awesome is that!? plus, i have a fellow bump buddy when all of us got to vegas again next month for our "dirty thirty" birthdays. see, there's a bright side to everything! congrats, karla maria and tre!! XOXOlastly once we got home, the mabster immediately begged to sit outside on the front porch so that she could wait to hand out candy to some trick-or-treaters. i believe she enjoyed giving more than taking when it came down to the halloween ritual. unfortunately, the only one who stopped by that night was a dog who climbed up the stairs and sent her screaming back inside. god, i love my kids.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

trick or treat!!

saturday was the day in which our neighborhood chose to celebrate halloween with trick-or-treating. that said, every year the underwoods invite everyone over to their house for outside festivities in honor of celebrating the holiday while enjoying great neighborly company. we definitely didn't want to miss it this year since the girls are starting to get old enough to really enjoy playing with their friends who live next door and a few houses down. they were both so excited.

tita karmie and BFFs came over too for some trick-or-treating and fun. later while at the underwoods, the girls enjoyed a fashion show, numerous hayrides throughout the neighborhood, playing and chasing friends, roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, eating from the various array of dishes that were supplied by each guests, and the guys got to watch the football games on the big projector screen. it was nice. i was the most social that i've ever been after living in our house for nearly 6 years, and it felt really good chatting the night away while the girls wore themselves out. hope everyone had a happy halloween!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween supper club 2010

friday night, we hosted the halloween supper club at our house. the festivities started at 7:00pm and as each couple walked through the door, the night just kept getting better and better. in all honesty, i was super impressed with everyone's costumes. i loved the fact that the majority of those that showed up came in a "jersey shore" theme. we all looked like the hottest guidos and guidettes ever. it was fan-freakin-tastic. everybody brought a dish to share and the spread was delicious. i wish i had more words to describe how fabulous the night really was, but i'll let the pictures do the talking...also, jay set up his white backdrop and camera apparatus so that everyone could get their pictures taken at the end of the night. there was a lot of fist pumping and buckets full of laughter. all in all, it was definitely a halloween supper club for the books. good times, my friends!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

lyla's dance class

in honor of all things halloween, the girls were encouraged to wear their costumes this week while at dance class. lyla dressed up as minnie mouse and enjoyed dancing around with her classmates and friend kolee-brook. here's a couple of quick pics that i snagged at the start of class with miss lori...

thursday's thoughts

1.) Really hoping my dvr'ed episode of tonight's #ModernFamily is as awesome as last week's...

2.) Looks like the adventurous one now has a total of 3 skinned knees (2 on one & 1 on the other). All 3 from different occasions. #AyYiYi

3.) The mabster has started brushing her hair at least a hundred times a day now. Watch out Marcia Brady.

4.) Fears one of these flying acorns is going to impale an eyeball or two. #ThisWindIsNoJoke

5.) RT @anjeanettec: Can we retire the camera phone picture of you looking at yourself in the mirror? Especially if your shirt's off. You know who you are.

6.) YES!! Makes me smile every day! @kimberlyfarr @aldotcom: Should Bham keep the "You Are Beautiful" message painted on Highland Ave bridge?

7.) Why is my kid singing Jingle Bells? A tad bit early for that, no? #SkippedSomeHolidays

8.) Seriously needs a serious intervention... #WordsWithFriends

9.) RT @lizziola: I'm watching COPS in NOLA. They only charge $100 when they bust a hooker. WTF? I'd think trickin' would be a little more pricey a crime...

10.) RT @capricecrane: "Justin Bieber to Launch Fragrance Collection." It will smell like puppies, cupcakes, double rainbows and virginity.

11.) Needs chocolate. #BabySaidSo

12.) Boo at the Zoo, La Paz, and La spent. #HeadIsPounding

13.) There's nothing better than oversleeping on a lazy Sunday. #ThanksHubs

14.) Around 1:00am, the oldest wakes up puking Oreo chunks. I'm guessing that's what she had for dinner while driving back from AU game w/ Lola..

15.) RT @capricecrane: Thanks, confirmation email telling me I've successfully unsubscribed from your emails. You just had to win didn't you?

16.) Just took the lead against Hubs with 84 points using the word, "wafter." Didn't even realize it was a real word. #SuckIt #WordsWithFriends

17.) Some times the stars align perfectly, and all is right in the world. #KnockOnWood #HoorayForWeekendFestivities

18.) Is happy that I don't have to pack my kid's lunch for school tomorrow. It's the little things in life...

19.) Just left my 4 month el preggo check-up & still haven't gained a single pound. So proud that I'm going to reward myself with Ralley's fries.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sweet baby greer

the other day, jay and i went to visit the haswells and drop off dinner since baby greer is finally home and settled in. this little guy had some serious issues due to meconium aspiration before delivery. we were all so worried about him, but he pulled through and is a true blessing. it was so good seeing lindsay, haswell, big sis hope (their dog), and of course, baby greer. in fact, i got to hold him the whole time that we were there and this tweet was made after our visit...

"Loves holding, smelling, & practically marinating in a newborn baby. Thank God I'm already pregnant because I have some serious baby fever."

welcome to the world, baby greer!!

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

abby's dance class

in honor of all things halloween, the girls were encouraged to wear their costumes this week while at dance class. the mabster dressed up as snow white and enjoyed dancing around like one of her favorite princesses. here's a couple of quick pics that i snagged at the start of class with miss charla...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

boo at the zoo 2010

sunday, we had family on my dad's side come down for a visit from ohio. we haven't seen aunt barb and samantha in years so when we found out they were coming of course we had to meet up. since sam wanted to see some of the touristy spots that her mother use to know and love while growing up, we all decided to head to the zoo. we all met at the front gates at 5:00pm for "boo at the zoo." the kiddos dressed up and we wheeled them around in their wagon. it was so good to spend time with cousins we haven't seen in years...we walked around and looked at some animals as we made our way to the candyland where the trick-or-treating took place. both abby and lyla were really into receiving candy as they opened up their bags with bright eyes. cousin carson really enjoyed it too. here are some pics...after wards, we made our way to the "haunted train ride" where tita karmie filled the night with howls and lots of laughter as our girls sat beside her in the front of the train. the funnest part was going through the scary tunnel as it was pitch black with skeletons and ghosts dangling on the sides. after passing the graveyard, the train ride ceased and we walked over to the haunted carousel. the lighting and effects made it look really cool since the black light even made my toe-toes glow in the dark. the mabster ran and chose to ride on the panda (alpha love, baby!) while lyla grabbed a nearby cheetah. they both really enjoyed riding on the carousel and screamed as they turned off the lights and we all rode backwards.lastly, as we were walking out, the mabster's eye caught something big and beautiful. she tapped my shoulder and said, "momma, i want a picture over there." so we walk and what do i see? of course, aubie himself. go figure. clearly, we're raising our kids right. happy halloween!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

RHOB spooktacular party!

the real housewives of birmingham had our annual halloween party on saturday from 3:00-5:00pm at the united methodist church gymnasium. it was a ton of fun as everyone dressed up in costumes and watched the children play. the moms grazed on snacks and chatted while most of dads congregated together with their phones as they reviewed the football scores. it was a great spooky event and everyone had a lot of fun. happy halloween!!