Saturday, October 2, 2010

auburn vs. la monroe

lola and pawpaw have been trying to get us all to an auburn game together as a family this season. since all of the kiddos are at an age where it's "doable," we all decided that it'd be fun and chose to attend the auburn vs. la monroe game. we were able to buy tix super cheap through one of karmie's coworkers. kickoff was at 11:30am, and we arrived shortly before at lola and pawpaw's tailgate spot where we also met up tita karmie and the mabster. here's our group family photo...jay and i have lyla with us as we find our seats. karla, tre, and carson find their seats together, as well as lola, pawpaw, karmie, and abby all sit together. we enjoy watching the first half in our designated seats in the stadium. the tigers are playing awesome with a TD after TD. lyla is cheering her little heart out all while melting ours. notice the little auburn tiger that lola bought her. she loves that thing.after the first half, karla maria and i find a place under the shade for the kiddos to sit. it's amazing how much of a difference it made. seriously. so we text the rest of the family since there were open spots all around us. soon the whole gang meets up and we're all sitting together as one big happy family in the shade. apparently during the halftime show, the cheerleaders of america were there to perform on the field. the mabster loved in, and when one little girl came back to her seat, she asked her if she could have her picture taken with "a real cheerleader." it was really sweet. all in all, the auburn tigers dominated the game with a score of 52-3. it was a great game and a great day. WDE!!