Saturday, October 23, 2010

auburn vs. LSU

friday night, the mabster spent the night with lola and pawpaw in preparation of attending the auburn vs. LSU football game at jordan hare stadium. they tailgated all day, got her face painted, visited with friends. the mabster always has such a great time at these games just like i did when i was a little girl. here are some pics...later, they walked on over to the tiger walk where abby got to sit on top of pawpaw's shoulders as she watched the cheerleaders and players run by. she said she could "see the whole town from up there...even our house...and even vulcan." awesome. if you look closely, you will see a blurry pic of cam newton running through the crowd, and then one of coach malzahn's daughter holding abby for a pic. lola and pawpaw were really excited about that one. later, pawpaw took a quick pic of coach gene chizik. here they are...after the excitement of the tiger walk ended, the mabster fell asleep. it had been a long day considering they left at 5am for the plains. all she needed was a quick little power nap before entering the stadium, watching the eagle fly down, singing the national anthem, and cheering for her tigers. she loved every minute of it, and the cherry on top was that auburn won with a score of 24-17 while remaining undefeated. this win also put them as #1 in the BCS rankings. WAR CAM EAGLE, BABY!!