Sunday, October 24, 2010

boo at the zoo 2010

sunday, we had family on my dad's side come down for a visit from ohio. we haven't seen aunt barb and samantha in years so when we found out they were coming of course we had to meet up. since sam wanted to see some of the touristy spots that her mother use to know and love while growing up, we all decided to head to the zoo. we all met at the front gates at 5:00pm for "boo at the zoo." the kiddos dressed up and we wheeled them around in their wagon. it was so good to spend time with cousins we haven't seen in years...we walked around and looked at some animals as we made our way to the candyland where the trick-or-treating took place. both abby and lyla were really into receiving candy as they opened up their bags with bright eyes. cousin carson really enjoyed it too. here are some pics...after wards, we made our way to the "haunted train ride" where tita karmie filled the night with howls and lots of laughter as our girls sat beside her in the front of the train. the funnest part was going through the scary tunnel as it was pitch black with skeletons and ghosts dangling on the sides. after passing the graveyard, the train ride ceased and we walked over to the haunted carousel. the lighting and effects made it look really cool since the black light even made my toe-toes glow in the dark. the mabster ran and chose to ride on the panda (alpha love, baby!) while lyla grabbed a nearby cheetah. they both really enjoyed riding on the carousel and screamed as they turned off the lights and we all rode backwards.lastly, as we were walking out, the mabster's eye caught something big and beautiful. she tapped my shoulder and said, "momma, i want a picture over there." so we walk and what do i see? of course, aubie himself. go figure. clearly, we're raising our kids right. happy halloween!!