Sunday, October 3, 2010

happy birthday, big B!!

sunday at 1:30pm, the mabster attended big B's 5th birthday party at MAE dolls in the crestline village. the theme was "party like a rockstar/karaoke" and the girls loved it. when they arrived they were given a manicure, funky butterfly sunglasses, a rockstar headset, a hot pink necklace, and sparkly glitter in their hair. later, they all got on stage to dance and sing. so cute. here are some pics...after wards, they headed into the other half of the party room where they all sat down for cupcakes, juice, and candy. everyone sang happy birthday to big B as she blew out her candle. later, they all sat back down on the pink rug where the birthday girl handed out more surprises to put inside their goody bags. all in all, it was a great birthday party and the mabster loved it. the second to last picture is of abby and big B with their classmates. i think it'll be awesome to look back at this come their 8th grade...i just love stuff like that. happy 5th birthday, big B!! XOXO