Sunday, October 31, 2010


sunday, we had plans to eat dinner at lola and pawpaw's house. reason being because karla maria had a big surprise to share with them. apparently though, when lola watched all 3 kids for us during supper club, the mabster kinda leaked out the secret and told lola that, "tita karla has a baby growing in her belly." the funny thing was though that lola didn't believe it and chalked it up to her confusing it with me (her mommy). it was pretty funny. thankfully, karla maria thought it was cute and funny too. clearly, my kids are horrible at keeping secrets. so when we all arrived, KM told abby to whisper to pawpaw the good news. he was excited, repeated the news to lola, and everybody clapped and celebrated.after wards, we let the munchkins play downstairs on the newly installed hardwoods that pawpaw did. they absolutely loved bouncing the multiple balls everywhere. overall, i'm so happy that the twinkie and i will get to experience one more (both of our last) pregnancies together. funny thing is, lyla was born 3 months behind carson over 2 years ago, and now her baby #2 will be 3 months behind our baby awesome is that!? plus, i have a fellow bump buddy when all of us got to vegas again next month for our "dirty thirty" birthdays. see, there's a bright side to everything! congrats, karla maria and tre!! XOXOlastly once we got home, the mabster immediately begged to sit outside on the front porch so that she could wait to hand out candy to some trick-or-treaters. i believe she enjoyed giving more than taking when it came down to the halloween ritual. unfortunately, the only one who stopped by that night was a dog who climbed up the stairs and sent her screaming back inside. god, i love my kids.