Thursday, October 21, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) the hubs is addicted to Swamp People. admittedly, i am now too. #MarriedLife

2.) Looking through the American Girl catalogue at the moment. Super cute stuff. But the prices? That $ will go towards their education instead.

3.) Really loathes my phone's auto corrector speller thingamajig nowadays. #ChafesMyAss

4.) Hubs fell asleep at 8:00pm alongside both midgets while watching cartoons. "Me time" has arrived. Best knock out some blogging. #HolyBlogtober

5.) RT @anjeanettec: Ed Hardy has been BANNED from a second Australian city. The plague was spreading west. Hoping they can stop any further bedazzled outbreaks.

6.) Lyla fell asleep while waiting for big sis & B in carpool line. While asleep, I removed the gum from her mouth. #NoneTooHappyAboutThat

7.) Heavy heart for the Dentici family who lost their sweet baby boy today. #SoSad #PrayingForThem

8.) Even if Bammer wins today, they'll still be 6-1. War Damn Eagle, 7-0 Baby!! #LuckSchmuck #ICanHearLolaFromThePlains

9.) Either there's a hailstorm outside right now or every acorn, nut, branch, etc. is falling on top of my house. #StartledIAm

10.) So who wants to address these Halloween photo greeting cards? Any takers? Bueller? #TooDamnLazy

11.) RT @capricecrane: TSA chick at this airport just talked through my entire patdown and totally ruined the mood. Just let it happen, lady.

12.) Holyshat!! Mid-October already!? #WhenDidThatHappen

13.) Every time Lyla sees a baby, she goes nutso. She loves her some babies. Can't wait to watch her be a big sister soon. #SugaryGoodness #CurrentlyFourMonthsPreggo

14.) Whilst at lunch w/ Daddy, the short one picked up the table topper menu & proceeded to lick it. I'll be scheduling that doc appt for Friday.

15.) I'm the mom who lets her kids scream out the windows at every neighbor that walks by. Surprisingly, even the old people stop to talk to her.

16.) loves auntie jess and the surprises she left for our girls. no need to fall clothing shop for the time being. #Score

17.) i sincerely regret downloading the "talking tom" app for my kids on my phone. i sincerely regret downloading the "talking tom" app for my kids on my phone. #SoAnnoying


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Loved the Halloween card - so stinkin cute!! I love Tom or I love that Tom can entertain my LM for a long stretch of time = mommy time =)