Thursday, October 28, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) Really hoping my dvr'ed episode of tonight's #ModernFamily is as awesome as last week's...

2.) Looks like the adventurous one now has a total of 3 skinned knees (2 on one & 1 on the other). All 3 from different occasions. #AyYiYi

3.) The mabster has started brushing her hair at least a hundred times a day now. Watch out Marcia Brady.

4.) Fears one of these flying acorns is going to impale an eyeball or two. #ThisWindIsNoJoke

5.) RT @anjeanettec: Can we retire the camera phone picture of you looking at yourself in the mirror? Especially if your shirt's off. You know who you are.

6.) YES!! Makes me smile every day! @kimberlyfarr @aldotcom: Should Bham keep the "You Are Beautiful" message painted on Highland Ave bridge?

7.) Why is my kid singing Jingle Bells? A tad bit early for that, no? #SkippedSomeHolidays

8.) Seriously needs a serious intervention... #WordsWithFriends

9.) RT @lizziola: I'm watching COPS in NOLA. They only charge $100 when they bust a hooker. WTF? I'd think trickin' would be a little more pricey a crime...

10.) RT @capricecrane: "Justin Bieber to Launch Fragrance Collection." It will smell like puppies, cupcakes, double rainbows and virginity.

11.) Needs chocolate. #BabySaidSo

12.) Boo at the Zoo, La Paz, and La spent. #HeadIsPounding

13.) There's nothing better than oversleeping on a lazy Sunday. #ThanksHubs

14.) Around 1:00am, the oldest wakes up puking Oreo chunks. I'm guessing that's what she had for dinner while driving back from AU game w/ Lola..

15.) RT @capricecrane: Thanks, confirmation email telling me I've successfully unsubscribed from your emails. You just had to win didn't you?

16.) Just took the lead against Hubs with 84 points using the word, "wafter." Didn't even realize it was a real word. #SuckIt #WordsWithFriends

17.) Some times the stars align perfectly, and all is right in the world. #KnockOnWood #HoorayForWeekendFestivities

18.) Is happy that I don't have to pack my kid's lunch for school tomorrow. It's the little things in life...

19.) Just left my 4 month el preggo check-up & still haven't gained a single pound. So proud that I'm going to reward myself with Ralley's fries.