Saturday, October 30, 2010

trick or treat!!

saturday was the day in which our neighborhood chose to celebrate halloween with trick-or-treating. that said, every year the underwoods invite everyone over to their house for outside festivities in honor of celebrating the holiday while enjoying great neighborly company. we definitely didn't want to miss it this year since the girls are starting to get old enough to really enjoy playing with their friends who live next door and a few houses down. they were both so excited.

tita karmie and BFFs came over too for some trick-or-treating and fun. later while at the underwoods, the girls enjoyed a fashion show, numerous hayrides throughout the neighborhood, playing and chasing friends, roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, eating from the various array of dishes that were supplied by each guests, and the guys got to watch the football games on the big projector screen. it was nice. i was the most social that i've ever been after living in our house for nearly 6 years, and it felt really good chatting the night away while the girls wore themselves out. hope everyone had a happy halloween!!