Thursday, October 7, 2010

VEGAS: day 1

our vegas vacation was finally upon us. to say we were ready and excited was an understatement. we dropped the girls off at lola and pawpaw's house where mamaw came down for the day to help watch them (thanks, you guys!!). nana lin dropped us off at the airport where our flight left at 11:30am. four hours later, we arrived in sin city around 1:45pm (their time). shortly before landing, we fly over the hoover dam...with the dam store...and the damn bait. if you don't get that classic movie reference, then i don't know how you live. i digress. it was beautiful. jay and i have been to the hoover dam before, but seeing it from the overview angle made it so much more wonderful. (before i go any further, i suppose i should let ya'll know that the mitchelles are with us throughout all of these good times. this trip was appropriately named "JAY-GAS" in honor of both of the jason's, especially mitchelle's birthday on 10-10-10). so our flight lands, we claim baggage, jump on a crazy taxi, and then check in to our hotel and casino at the Rio. here are some quick pics...everything is checked in and settled. after four hours of flying and munching on tiny peanuts, we were all starving. so first things first, we all ventured out for some yummy grub as we walked over to New York New York's sports bar and grille. we sit down, eat, watch some of the games on the big screens in front of us, and then later head upstairs to where the fun and games were located.after that, we all began to enjoy the touristy aspect of vegas and walk the strip. we took in all the sights and smells (inside the casinos smelled like copious amounts of old lady perfume sprayed over cigarette smoke, it was lovely.) thankfully, we did most of the walking outside while enjoying cheesy pics with elvis impersonators, beautiful statues, and everything in between. we stopped and watched the gawgeous water show in front of the Bellagio, then the volcano show in front of the Mirage, and later the sirens in front of Treasure Island. it was the perfect night for it. i don't know how many times we kept saying throughout the night, "and we're walking...and we're walking..." we even have the blisters to show for it. also, another funny excursion was the fact that YB and i were taking all the stripper cards that they were handing out and secretly dropping them into katie's purse. hehe. good times, good times.later in the night, we decided to take our chances on some gambling. everyone played some slots, etc....some winners, some losers, some broke even. all in all, it was a great first day in sin city.