Friday, October 8, 2010

VEGAS: day 2

after an awesome night's sleep, we woke up super early in vegas...the time change will do that to ya, i swear. the one time where oversleeping is allowed and in fact, encouraged...our biological clocks tell us otherwise. never fails, right?

so the guys head out for an early tee time out on the golf course. they played 36 holes...for about 12 hours. yeah, it.wore.them.out. LOL. as for the girls, we enjoyed a day at the spa. see doesn't that sound more enticing? i thought so. we all got the same spa package which included an hour massage, 30 minute facial, and a 30 minute wrap of our choice for quite honestly, a damn good deal. we were allowed to use the facilities, both inside and out. we giggled like schoolgirls as we walked around in our robes and joked about the fear of accidentally flashing our britney. twas' hilarious. seriously. then hours later after being muchos relaxedo, we throw on our swimsuits and head outside to the pool. being pampered and preggo made this definitely feel like a wonderful kid less vacation. when can we do it again?after the day was winding down, the girls head back up to our rooms. we shower, get dressed, and wait for the guys. dinner reservations were made for 7:30pm at Texas De Brazil steakhouse. we were all starving and ready to eat some MEAT!!! we are carnivores, damn it. and proud of it. i don't know how many times someone said at the table, "i could never be a vegetarian." i mean really, we just couldn't. everything was so delicious. brazilian steakhouses are jay's most absolute favorite so i knew this guy was in heaven. mitchelle's friend, dale, also met up with us at dinner as we all toasted each other with some sangria (actually diet coke over here). all in all, it was a great dinner with great company.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

What a wonderful day! Sounds so fun - can you see that I am green with envy??