Saturday, October 9, 2010

VEGAS: day 3

today was jay and i's last full day while in sin city and it definitely was a day of nonstop go, go, go. we woke up, got ready, and headed over to the Venetian (my favorite because it's so beautiful) for breakfast. after breakfast, we decided to experience a gondola ride that floated us throughout the hotel and casino. the italian guy sang to us, told us neat little tid bits, and encouraged kissing under each bridge as he rowed us along down the stream. it was cheesy and fun, and of course, i loved every minute of it because that's just the kind of person i am. here are some pics...later, we walked around for a bit before decided to jump in a cab which then took us over to Mandalay Bay where we all sat down in the Sports Book area while watching the bama vs. south carolina football game. jay and mitchelle also took bets on other sports as there were screens and numbers everywhere. YB and katie walked around and played some of the slots for awhile and jay won big while playing at one of the blackjack tables. the day was so full of win. soon we were all sitting together again watching bama take their first defeat against the cocks. the mitchelles were not happy one bit...but jay and i? we were secretly cheering on the inside. in fact, we could have totally been completely obnoxious, but took the high road since we know how die-hard bammers our BFFs are. hehe. phrase of the day: "oh, how the mighty have fallen."

so later after the game, we walked over to Red Square martini bar that is inside Mandalay Bay. YB said she needed a drink in order to help the loss go down smoother. let's just say the martinis were STOUT. i just had a sip, i swear and then i was actually (for the first time) damn glad that i was preggo and couldn't drink. here are some pics...after spending hour inside Mandalay Bay, we decided to move on to the famous downtown las vegas and visit "the fremont experience." ever since jay use to travel to vegas all the time for work (pre-kids), fremont street has always been a super fun place for us. in fact, we bought a pregnancy test at the CVS there which revealed i was pregnant with abby, and then jay immediately bought a cigar which i took a pic of as he smoked it under the lights of the fremont experience. it was an amazing time, and i'll never forget it.

the guys played blackjack while the girls played on the craps table. admittedly, i had no idea what i was doing. i just simply followed YB's every move. i was clueless, but knew when we did good. it was hilarious and we brought people to the table with our loud cheers. then, we met up with the guys and all sat down at a blackjack table. this was my most favorite part of the whole trip. our dealer "vicki" was the cutest funniest little asian lady and jay was having a great time joking around with her. we were having a blast. i was surprised at how many times i got a blackjack after screaming for a "monkey, monkey, monkey!!!" again, i guess you had to be there, but it was BIG.FUN. here are some pics...we spent several hours on that blackjack table and by the end, everyone was giving each other money so that we could stay and play as long as possible. admittedly, i lost a fraction of jay's winnings from earlier that day, but the man kept encouraging me to keep playing by saying, "it's all in fun." well okay, was definitely fun! once we realized we hadn't eaten dinner yet and it was already getting really late, we began walking around and asking where the best food was located. soon we were riding the elevators up to the top floor to binion's steakhouse. we ate, drank, and were merry. bellies were full, it was a great dinner, and then we walked around fremont street some where while listening to the live music and enjoying the lights.