Monday, November 29, 2010

mystery reader

this morning, i headed over to abby's school in order to surprise her by being the "mystery reader." i checked in at the office where the secretary announced that a special guest was here for the kids over the intercom. i could hear all the kids scream with excitement which only made my enthusiasm grow that much more. miss laura met me at the office and walked me up to their classroom. she told me that they were all trying to guess who i was right now and what topic of a book might i be reading. as i walked through the door, i instantly spotted abby along with her classmates who were all sitting on the floor in front of the rocking chair...she then said out loud, "it's my mommy!" and there went my heart. melting. instantly.

so i decided to read to them "the elf on the shelf." i figured since thanksgiving was over with, what better time to instill the fear of being good for christmas with a book about an elf that spies and then later reports back to santa. abby loves hers although admittedly, "elvis" doesn't do much but sit on the mantle and "watch." so as soon as i whip the book out, a lot of other kids immediately recognized it and started naming off their own elf at home. my personal favorite's name was "cocoa" named by fletcher. awesome.

all in all, it was a success & they enjoyed their candy canes as well. upon leaving, miss laura said that i chose the perfect day to come & read because their classroom elf is going to make an appearance as well. mrs. noblitt then rounded up the kids for a group picture so of course i handed her my camera as well. SCORE! overall when i grow up, i want to teach pre-K...loved every second of that. especially the group hug. i'd have to say that this is one of the biggest reasons i absolutely LOVE being a SAHM...assemblies, field trips, quick little surprises like that, eating lunch together, committees, all of it. i am very grateful i get to be a part of that aspect in my child's life. here are some pics...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"it's beginning to look a lot like..."


sunday was the day i decided to dedicate to pulling out all christmas decorations, the tree, the stockings, the holidays houses on top of he kitchen cabinets, the outside lights, etc. jay helped put the tree together and the outdoor lights. it's what he does best. meanwhile, the girls helped me decorate the christmas tree and then later, decorated each other with tinsel. now i sit in my holiday filled house with my favorite scented candle warming up the room. it's wonderful...tis' the season!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

tangled in 3D

since auntie jess was in town all weekend, she asked if she could kidnap the mabster one day and take her to see disney's new movie "Tangled" in 3D. of course we told her that she was all hers, but admittedly jump in on the opportunity as well because we all have been wanting to see it since the previews came out. guilty as charged, that's us. needless to say, we made it a family affair. daddy bought a large popcorn to share with everyone and it pretty much kept lyla content the whole time. the movie was sooo good. i just loves me some disney. i cried at two different spots in the movie because i'm a huge syrupy sap. add in hormones, and well, tears are flowing. we all really enjoyed it, and how cute is my lyla bug sporting her 3D glasses and holding a tub of popcorn bigger than her!? loves it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

iron bowl: WDE!!

our BFFs invited us over to watch the iron bowl with them. to me, that says a lot considering they are die-hard bammers and our family has always loved the orange and blue. the famous most scrumptious "mitchili" was made, we brought chips and dip, and karla and tre brought dessert. the game began, and immediately bama started spanking us with a lead of 21-0. of course mitchelle was proud and obnoxious, but all in good humor. at half time, we let the kids go outside to play while the guys threw the football around. 3rd quarter started and auburn finally decided to show up to play. we score and jay and tre go wild. it was hilarious. definitely a great nerve-racking game full of laughter and cheers. overall, auburn took home the W with a score of 28-27. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!! thanks for having us, mitchelles...we love you guys!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving 2010

for thanksgiving this year, we headed over to the farmhouse in cullman to celebrate with my side of the family. mamaw was waiting for us and had a wonderful meal prepared. we brought up a dessert and drinks to share and arrived around 11:00am. before all sitting down to eat, tre said prayer. he thanked God for all of our wonderful blessing, as well as (per lola's request) gave thanks for auburn football and cam newton. it was hilarious. jay joked that instead of saying "amen," everyone should have just said "war eagle." again, i think God was listening because the iron bowl turned out in our favor. thank you. after eating, the kids played while everyone chatted in the den. later came the time for our tradition of taking our big family photo for my mom and dad's christmas card. abby tickled pawpaw in order to wake up him, and outside we all went. here are some pics...around 3:00pm we said goodbyes and left to celebrate with jay's side of the family. dinner started around 4:30pm and the spread was amazing and soo delicious. upon arrival, i was slightly worried since we didn't bring any toys for the kids to play with. jay quickly reminded me about the pool tables and of course, i knew that they would all be fine. they could play on those things for hours! between that and dancing on stage, the kiddos were having a blast. it was good to see everyone and catch up. i carried my camera on me at all times because there were so many awesome photo opps that i definitely didn't want to of which was when lyla shared her cake with papa john and started feeding him. it was so sweet. lastly, towards the end of the night, gracie and john surprised everyone with an awesome announcement...they are PREGNANT too!!! YAY!! they will be expecting baby #2 on july 6th (which is a day before karla and tre's due date). babies, babies, babies everywhere!! LOVE.IT. all in all, it was a very happy thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MNO: Flip Burger

before the thanksgiving rush and madness came upon us, a few of the girls decided to go out the night before for a bit of a break over dinner and drinks at Flip Burger in the summit. this was the first time i've eaten there. the atmosphere and company was great. my burger seemed delicious at the time until i got home and it performed a hate crime to my bowels. TMI, i know. but seriously. not sure if i will eat there again. hehe. stace got the fanciest burger on the menu along with a fun smokey drink. of course they both were picture worthy. after wards, we all walked across to Charming Charlie for a bit of some browsing around. like lisette's muff neck warmer? it's hawt, no? thank god for moms night outs...

not-so-wordless wednesday

below is a picture that abby drew while at school last week. mrs. noblitt told her to draw what she was thankful for and she drew her family. when describing the picture to me after coming home that day, she pointed out that daddy had a grumpy face on him because abby wanted to put makeup on him and he wouldn't let her. notice the makeup in her hands. HA! god love it. i also love the fact that she drew baby jemma in the picture too (with no hands nor face...but still, she's there). and there you have it, our douglas party of five painted by our preschooler. enjoy!lastly, i took a picture of the two turkeys that both lyla and abby made out of their hand prints while at school. lyla's teacher (mrs. lauren) laminated hers so that she can use it as a placemat. super cute. abby's hand print turkey is to the right and adorable as well. happy thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

baby #3...

(disclaimer: this was written by jaydoug himself...)

Twas the night before the ultrasound and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a... heck, who am I kidding we were too excited to sleep in anticipation of what baby #3 would be. Before we knew it, it was morning time and Abby and I were out the door as I dropped her off at school and then headed to work. The time slowly passed until it was time for Kim to drop Lyla off at Stacy's house. It's crazy thinking back that this same scenario played out almost 3 years earlier when we found out we were having Lyla. After Kim picked me up at work, we pondered what life would be like with a 3rd and before we knew it we were at the doctor's office being called back to the ultrasound room. Baby #3 was being difficult at first, all bunched up not wanting to "show the goods" until finally the tech announced we were having a girl. Kim looked at me and we both shared a big smile along with cheers to her name. I knew at that moment that I would be one lucky father to 3 daddy's girls. We had decided on the name "Jemma Aubrey" with the help of Karmie. We liked the unusualness of it, even though Karmie told us that it was once popular in older literature. We also wanted it to be a namesake for PawPaw and once we looked up it's meaning and realized it stood for "dove," we were sold. Quickly after our visit, we set out on the task of notifying family and updating facebook statuses of the exciting news. On the way home, Kim reminded me of all the things that I'd be in for when it came to 3 sisters since she knows from experience. I laughed and told her that I'd consult with her dad for advice on taking care of so many girls. I just smiled, kissed her on the cheek and said "yes dear." I guess I already have a good start. :) We can't wait to meet and hold you, Jemma.

Because of you, I don't have to paint another room. Thank you.


thanksgiving playdate

today heather hosted a playdate at her house since most of the kids are out of school this week due to the thanksgiving holiday. the weather was unseasonably warm so the munchkins got to play both indoor and out. heather also had a craft available for the kids to do which included making turkey cookies and decorating them however they liked. both abby and lyla really enjoyed this. everyone played great together, and at one point, they had all formed a marching line where each kid played an instrument and dressed up with some funky kind of accessory. it was a great playdate, and thank you for having us, heather!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

coming to a christmas card near you...

sunday, we headed over to Aldridge Gardens to take our family pictures for our upcoming christmas card. karla maria came to help as well instead of us using the typical tripod where jay sets the camera up and quickly runs behind it. the whole process went by ten times smoother than it ever has before and it only took about 20 minutes to get the pics we really wanted while just letting the girls have fun. all in all, i absolutely LOVE the pics we ended up with. here are a few of the cream of the crop...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

lyla and daddy day

since abby and i had a day (just the two of us) of attending birthday parties, daddy and lyla got to enjoy a little one-on-one time just the two of them as well. they had plans to attend the UAB vs. memphis football game at legion field. this was the blazers last home game and the weather was absolutely perfect for it. kickoff was at 3:00pm, but daddy and lyla got their early to start tailgating around noon.

this last home game also marked the 5th annual "battle of the bones" barbeque contest in which many different groups competed on who grilled out the best ribs during the tailgate festivities. jay said that lyla tore up some ribs...this does not surprise me. he also said that she enjoyed jumping around in the bounce house at blazer village and playing in the back of haswell's truck. guess a man gets creative when in charge of daddy daycare at a tailgate. pretty cute if you ask me. here are some pics...daddy also took lyla to where the AOII tailgate was located since they were having their annual alumnae event. he told lyla to go stand by the letters as he took a picture and then later let the sorority sisters know that she is a legacy and that mommy and all her aunties were AOIIs here too. he said they were all super sweet to lyla and gave her an "AOII loves UAB" sticker. she wore it proudly. that's my girl. :) later, they received free box tickets (thanks to tony) and entered into the game where they watched from the skybox and ate more food. overall, daddy said that him and lyla had a blast. it was definitely an early bedtime for everyone that night.