Wednesday, November 17, 2010

boosterthon fun run

today the mabster had her very first boosterthon fun run at school from 10:00-11:00am in their school parking lot. i've never been to one of these things so i didn't really know what to expect, but boy, was it a lot of fun for everyone. abby's 4k class' team name was "wonder noblitts" after "the wonder pets" and their teacher "mrs. noblitt." miss laura made a sign, their faces were painted, and they even had a chant. again, super cute. so upon arrival, all the kids ran through the boosterthon tunnel and gave high-fives as they lined up in front of the stage for a mini pep rally. they stretched, listened to instructions, and began getting pumped up to run as the upbeat music began blaring. here are some pics...watching the mabster was hilarious. she's never been much of a runner (at least not with soccer), but today, she was. she'd run her little heart out all while channeling her inner lola as she put her hands on her hips, clapped, and attempted to dance all at the same time. it was so ridiculously cute. she was having a blast. at times, she'd hold hands with some friends in her class while YB and i laughed as we watched and the later joined in as the teachers started doing the electric slide. again, greatness. overall, it really was a great experience and on one helluva gorgeous day. the mabster completed 29 laps visible by the keeping track on the back of her tshirt. i was so proud. they drank water, i walked the last victory lap with her, and then they headed back to class. lyla and i decided to head on over to daddy's work so that we could eat lunch and let him know how great big sis did.