Friday, November 12, 2010

christmas tree lighting ceremony

friday night, we headed over to the Riverchase Galleria for their 25th annual christmas tree lighting ceremony. the festivities started at 7:00pm and Birmingham Ballet was there dancing on stage in front of the big christmas tree which was located in the middle of the food court beside the carousel. once the girls saw all the ballerinas who were walking around handing out little jingle bells, i knew it was going to be a good time. did i mention i absolutely adore this time of the year? here are some we watch the ballerinas dance and tell a story, and then the whole place lit up...the christmas tree, the carousel, and all other lights that were above us. it was beautiful. we found a table right beside the carousel and ate dinner as we listened to the nearby christmas carols. soon out of nowhere, santa was announced and spotlighted coming down the elevators. we all got a bit excited to say the least. once we finished eating, the girls insisted on riding on the carousel and then we all got some ice cream as we did a bit of some shopping. all in all, a great night to kick off the holiday season with the ones we love.