Thursday, November 4, 2010

disney on ice: princess wishes

thursday night, we had a fun family date night along with some of our favorite people. we had tickets to disney on ice: princess wishes where we got to enjoy the experience with the ceasar family and the mitchelles. the show started at 7:00pm, but before then, we met up with tony, maloney, and claire bear for dinner at our most favorite deli in birminghman: chappy's.

after dinner, we dunked the girls in their princess costumes as we arrived early for the show so that the kids could partake in the "pre-show" where they got to view some of the disney princesses' beautiful gowns, as well as waving and meeting cinderella herself. to say the girls were excited is an understatement.the show started and it was great. it held both abby and lyla's attention the whole time. our seats were located right where the characters came skating out. with each new appearance of a princess, the mabster's mouth would continue to drop as lyla sat their gazing in awe and clapping. we sat where the parents sandwiched the kids in order to keep them contained and happy. the dads sat on one end with the girls in the middle, and lastly, the moms on the other end. all in all, it was great night spent with close friends that are nearly family to us.