Friday, November 5, 2010

the group formerly known as bunco

a couple of weeks ago, a mass email was sent out practically saying that we were are "lame bitches" since over the past couple of months, our MNO of bunco had fallen through. reason being is because the summer months were slammed and so the bunco ball was dropped. thankfully, it has been revived and going stronger than ever. stace hosted this month's festivities at her house, and it was awesome. here are some tame pics before things started getting we're all having a blast just talking the night away while eating, drinking, and being merry. i don't remember when or how this came up, but soon stace was handing out some hats of hers that she found at different estate sales which she then sells in her shop on etsy. we all LOVED the hats. they were SO.AWESOME. i was oh-so appropriately handed the "budding blossoms" hat and it really made me feel so fresh and so a beautiful spring flower. next thing i know, everybody is getting rowdy and the laughter is utterly intoxicating. i absolutely adore nights like that. where everyone is just being silly and having a great time. thanks for having us, stace. as always, it was a blast! hip hip hooray for reviving the group formerly known as bunco!


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Looks like everyone was having fun! Loved looking thru these pics - miss y'all!

Kim said...

we miss you too, anne!!