Saturday, November 20, 2010

happy birthday, brodie & maddox!!

first and foremost, let me start off by saying that today was a "abby & mommy" day while "lyla & daddy" had theirs. reason being is because the mabster was invited to two birthday parties back to back. the first one started at noon and was in honor of own of her classmates, brodie. the party took place at their home and the kids had a lot of fun playing in the backyard on the playset, in the batman bounce house, bobbing for apples, and playing the doughnut game. pizza, snacks, cake, and ice cream were served, and everyone had a blast. happy birthday, brodie!after brodie's birthday party, we jumped in the car and headed over to pump it up in pelham in honor of maddox's birthday party that started at 3:00pm. there was an hour break between the two parties which was perfect for travel time and of course a stop to starbucks for a quick pick me up. once we arrived at pump it up, the mabster took off down the huge slide. needless to say, she's been to this place a couple of times and knows the ropes. later, everyone got together for the group pic except for finn who was still playing inside one of the bounce houses. when he found out he missed the pic, he was devastated. i can relate. no really, i can. so we took a quick one of him with mom and some friends and it seemed to numb the pain. all in all, it was a fun exhausting day filled with celebrating birthday parties, just me and the mabster. i almost forgot how easy it is with just one child, especially since she is old enough to fend for herself. love it. happy birthday, maddox!