Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving 2010

for thanksgiving this year, we headed over to the farmhouse in cullman to celebrate with my side of the family. mamaw was waiting for us and had a wonderful meal prepared. we brought up a dessert and drinks to share and arrived around 11:00am. before all sitting down to eat, tre said prayer. he thanked God for all of our wonderful blessing, as well as (per lola's request) gave thanks for auburn football and cam newton. it was hilarious. jay joked that instead of saying "amen," everyone should have just said "war eagle." again, i think God was listening because the iron bowl turned out in our favor. thank you. after eating, the kids played while everyone chatted in the den. later came the time for our tradition of taking our big family photo for my mom and dad's christmas card. abby tickled pawpaw in order to wake up him, and outside we all went. here are some pics...around 3:00pm we said goodbyes and left to celebrate with jay's side of the family. dinner started around 4:30pm and the spread was amazing and soo delicious. upon arrival, i was slightly worried since we didn't bring any toys for the kids to play with. jay quickly reminded me about the pool tables and of course, i knew that they would all be fine. they could play on those things for hours! between that and dancing on stage, the kiddos were having a blast. it was good to see everyone and catch up. i carried my camera on me at all times because there were so many awesome photo opps that i definitely didn't want to of which was when lyla shared her cake with papa john and started feeding him. it was so sweet. lastly, towards the end of the night, gracie and john surprised everyone with an awesome announcement...they are PREGNANT too!!! YAY!! they will be expecting baby #2 on july 6th (which is a day before karla and tre's due date). babies, babies, babies everywhere!! LOVE.IT. all in all, it was a very happy thanksgiving!


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Looks like ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love the family photos!