Friday, November 26, 2010

iron bowl: WDE!!

our BFFs invited us over to watch the iron bowl with them. to me, that says a lot considering they are die-hard bammers and our family has always loved the orange and blue. the famous most scrumptious "mitchili" was made, we brought chips and dip, and karla and tre brought dessert. the game began, and immediately bama started spanking us with a lead of 21-0. of course mitchelle was proud and obnoxious, but all in good humor. at half time, we let the kids go outside to play while the guys threw the football around. 3rd quarter started and auburn finally decided to show up to play. we score and jay and tre go wild. it was hilarious. definitely a great nerve-racking game full of laughter and cheers. overall, auburn took home the W with a score of 28-27. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!! thanks for having us, mitchelles...we love you guys!


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Okay, I am laughing at myself right now b/c it took me forever to figure out what WDE stood for in your post title :)