Saturday, November 20, 2010

lyla and daddy day

since abby and i had a day (just the two of us) of attending birthday parties, daddy and lyla got to enjoy a little one-on-one time just the two of them as well. they had plans to attend the UAB vs. memphis football game at legion field. this was the blazers last home game and the weather was absolutely perfect for it. kickoff was at 3:00pm, but daddy and lyla got their early to start tailgating around noon.

this last home game also marked the 5th annual "battle of the bones" barbeque contest in which many different groups competed on who grilled out the best ribs during the tailgate festivities. jay said that lyla tore up some ribs...this does not surprise me. he also said that she enjoyed jumping around in the bounce house at blazer village and playing in the back of haswell's truck. guess a man gets creative when in charge of daddy daycare at a tailgate. pretty cute if you ask me. here are some pics...daddy also took lyla to where the AOII tailgate was located since they were having their annual alumnae event. he told lyla to go stand by the letters as he took a picture and then later let the sorority sisters know that she is a legacy and that mommy and all her aunties were AOIIs here too. he said they were all super sweet to lyla and gave her an "AOII loves UAB" sticker. she wore it proudly. that's my girl. :) later, they received free box tickets (thanks to tony) and entered into the game where they watched from the skybox and ate more food. overall, daddy said that him and lyla had a blast. it was definitely an early bedtime for everyone that night.