Monday, November 29, 2010

mystery reader

this morning, i headed over to abby's school in order to surprise her by being the "mystery reader." i checked in at the office where the secretary announced that a special guest was here for the kids over the intercom. i could hear all the kids scream with excitement which only made my enthusiasm grow that much more. miss laura met me at the office and walked me up to their classroom. she told me that they were all trying to guess who i was right now and what topic of a book might i be reading. as i walked through the door, i instantly spotted abby along with her classmates who were all sitting on the floor in front of the rocking chair...she then said out loud, "it's my mommy!" and there went my heart. melting. instantly.

so i decided to read to them "the elf on the shelf." i figured since thanksgiving was over with, what better time to instill the fear of being good for christmas with a book about an elf that spies and then later reports back to santa. abby loves hers although admittedly, "elvis" doesn't do much but sit on the mantle and "watch." so as soon as i whip the book out, a lot of other kids immediately recognized it and started naming off their own elf at home. my personal favorite's name was "cocoa" named by fletcher. awesome.

all in all, it was a success & they enjoyed their candy canes as well. upon leaving, miss laura said that i chose the perfect day to come & read because their classroom elf is going to make an appearance as well. mrs. noblitt then rounded up the kids for a group picture so of course i handed her my camera as well. SCORE! overall when i grow up, i want to teach pre-K...loved every second of that. especially the group hug. i'd have to say that this is one of the biggest reasons i absolutely LOVE being a SAHM...assemblies, field trips, quick little surprises like that, eating lunch together, committees, all of it. i am very grateful i get to be a part of that aspect in my child's life. here are some pics...