Saturday, November 27, 2010

tangled in 3D

since auntie jess was in town all weekend, she asked if she could kidnap the mabster one day and take her to see disney's new movie "Tangled" in 3D. of course we told her that she was all hers, but admittedly jump in on the opportunity as well because we all have been wanting to see it since the previews came out. guilty as charged, that's us. needless to say, we made it a family affair. daddy bought a large popcorn to share with everyone and it pretty much kept lyla content the whole time. the movie was sooo good. i just loves me some disney. i cried at two different spots in the movie because i'm a huge syrupy sap. add in hormones, and well, tears are flowing. we all really enjoyed it, and how cute is my lyla bug sporting her 3D glasses and holding a tub of popcorn bigger than her!? loves it.