Thursday, November 11, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) My baby bump app has just reminded me that I'm in my 19th week, it's the size of a 6 inch sub, & my uterus is soon to be a trampoline. #Hooray!

2.) that being said, for the past week or so i have been able to feel the baby's first kicks. it's so wonderful, and i have to admit it's my favorite thing about being pregnant...ya know, other than rocking the maternity pants. :P but seriously, the little flutters in my tummy bring flutters to my heart.

3.) Earlier today, I found my diamond cross necklace that has been missing for years. Seriously y'all, for years! Today is so full of win.

4.) "If everyone would just put out, we'd have a winning football team." #Glee

5.) The littlest midget deleted my twitter app on my phone this morning. It was really a sad situation, but now it's resolved. #KeepLilPawsAway

6.) Watching #RHBH and passing judgement like it's going out of style. 60k on your kid's birthday party when it's all about you!? #ShameOnYou

7.) The constant convo of my 4yo: "Teeth starts with T, apple starts with A, snake starts with S, how do I spell this, how do I write that..."

8.) Enjoying a kidless lunch date with Hubs at one of our old stomping grounds (Al's). Nothing hits the spot better than Liquid Sunshine (Lemonade and Sprite) on the outside patio. #YumO #AmazingWeather

9.) RT @Kidlutions: Fill a child's head with the belief that he is capable/strong and cherished and you will his heart with the confidence to weather any storm.

10.) Oh look!!! I can actually walk into our walk-in closet now!!! #SmallVictories

11.) The eldest daughter just finished a puzzle & announced, "I am so smart!" Conclusion: Clearly, she does not lack a negative self-esteem.

12.) Watching cousin Carson for the day. Boy, he sure does talk a lot...just like his mother. #HeHeHe

13.) Bwah, hahaha!! You know Bunco's gone bad when muff pics are taken... @YankeBell: I may regret some muff pics tomorrow.

14.) Early bedtime for meh babies + Gaining an extra hour = Late night movie in man cave with The Hubster. #InnerSpoonIAm

15.) My white baby (Lyla) was just caught licking the top of her shoe. As gross as it sounds, I was really thankful it wasn't the bottom.

16.) Thoughts on the 1st half of Disney's on Ice Princess Wishes: Snow White is a man, Prince Eric has too much junk in the trunk, and when the hell did Alladin and Jasmine turn Chinese!? #Absurdity

17.) Gets annoyed & slightly embarrassed when one of the offsprings find something in the trash that I purposely threw away. #NotSupposeToFindIt

18.) tita karmie emailed me this quote yesterday and said that it made her think of me and the dynamic within our family as well as my own. here it goes:

"Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship." -Margaret Mead
just beautiful, no?

19.) It's always comforting to hear the mabster sing "God Bless America" at least fifty times before noon even rolls around...