Thursday, November 18, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) Poem by my 4 y/o: "roses are red, i sleep in my bed, and here is my head." #RhymeTime

2.) Tuesday nights: where Hubs takes girls to gymnastics so that I can have 2 hours to hear my inner thoughts in golden silence. #MyKindOfHeaven

3.) RT @capricecrane: Live today like it's your last day. But pay bills and dress appropriately just in case it isn't.

4.) Is rocking 5 skinny scarves right now in this extremely windy weather & it's awesome. #ThanksMag #SoDamnExcited

5.) Rubber bands & toothpicks: what I pick up every second of the day when married to a man with braces. #TrueStory

6.) Really wishes Twitter had the "Hide" option like Facebook does. #BitterBammersAreKillingMe

7.) The youngest is having a come apart while waiting in carpool line because this mean Mommy won't unroll her window down due to the rain... #WhattaYaGonnaDo

8.) Washed all bath mats yesterday. I do declare that hasn't happened in weeks. Oh hell who am I kidding, it's been MONTHS! #DontJudgeMe

9.) chicken-n-dumplins: where yummy magic happens in my tummy.

10.) just finished watching "Message In A Bottle" for the first time ever tonight. that said, i'd like to thank lifetime for channeling my ugly cry. it was fierce and at point, i couldn't even breathe. great movie.

11.) Some days I'd like to think I have patience as fierce as steel balls. Today is definitely not one of those days. #JustSayin

12.) Cracks up when Lyla sings, " you" & clearly leaves out "Birthday." Try & correct her, & you'll get a finger in the face w/ a "No!"

13.) RT @UABathletics: May we all this Veterans Day realize the cost of freedom & remember the true heroes in the land of the free & the home of the Blaze. #fb

14.) Early for the preschool assembly. This never happens to me. #TwilightZone

15.) tomorrow we find out what we're having, BOY or GIRL!!!!! words cannot describe how fakkin' excited we are to find out. appointment starts at 1:30pm and finally, we can give it a name!! SO.DAMN.EXCITED.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Number 12 cracks me up!!!

Can't wait to find out if baby 3 is a boy or girl - I'm hoping for healthy and we know he/she will be beautiful, just look at your first two :)

Elizabeth said...

Ahhh!!! I can't wait to find out what you're having!!!