Wednesday, December 15, 2010

abby's christmas program

on wednesday, the mabster's class (mrs. noblitt's 3 days/week) along with the other 4k class (mrs. mcgough's 5 days/week) held their festive christmas program for all their parents and loved ones. this was the event that stacy, kathryn, shannon, and i had previously signed up for at the first parent's meeting of the school year. i have to say that i'm so glad i got a chance to work with these ladies. we did an awesome job and it has really brought us together as friends. did i mention our kids are hilarious together? i digress. so the program started at 10:45am. we arrived early to set up and home field provided the food and catering. everything was perfect.soon the kids came out dressed up in their homemade costumes. all of the little girls were dressed as "mary" while holding their babydoll "jesus." the boys of the classes were "joseph" and they all sang songs together, recited certain gender related parts, and talked about the birth of jesus. it was SO.STINKIN.CUTE. and i was so proud of the mabster. here are some pics...after their production, all the children were reunited with their families. then everyone found where their surprise craft/table decoration were located on the tables as a gift to their parents. we all sat down to eat the best chicken casserole, mac-n-chz, green beans, and rolls ever followed by a piece of the "happy birthday jesus" cake. the whole shindig was a great success and we were so proud of the mabster and her classmates.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

How precious!! I love the first pic of Abby - where she is dressed as Mary and holding baby Jesus!