Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas eve

this year (just like last's), we celebrated christmas with my side of the family on christmas eve due to everybody's work schedules. we arrived at lola and pawpaw's house around 2:00pm where we all sat down for a lovely dinner. everyone was there including mamaw and it was good being with family. later after dinner, everyone headed to the dining room where the christmas tree was located so that we could all exchange gifts. the adults drew names and everyone gave a gift to the kids. we were all very happy with our presents and the girls loved their new after receiving our "real" gifts, we played a game of dirty santa. this was the first year for us to start this since everyone is pretty boring with what they want (usually is a $50 gift card or cash). this way, everybody bought a $10 could be a gag gift or something practical. i have to say that i was impressed with some of the gifts that were revealed. for example, when lola and pawpaw brought a "shake weight" and a "chia pet," it just confirmed how humorous our family really is. gifts were stolen and it was awesome. the finale, however, was when jay gave karmie her present: the complete series of LOST on dvd. although this was not a dirty santa exchange, we wanted to give her something since she's been good to us this year, especially to our kids. all in all, it was a great time spent with our loved ones. merry christmas!