Monday, December 20, 2010

christmas playdate

monday morning didn't start off so great. to be honest, i should have gone back to bed and told the girls to entertain themselves. kidding. kinda. so the day starts off where i'm getting both of them ready. i always save lyla for last because if she goes first, she's already completely undressed herself before i can even find big sister's shoes. where was i? so i'm getting abby ready and she's throwing a fit. she doesn't like what i picked out for her and wants to dress herself. it's early, people. i'm pissed off and pregnant and don't feel like arguing with my 4 y/o this early in the day so i say "fine, go at it!" and she does. she throws a dress over the sweater a put her in, throws on some green leggings and a pair of red and white hello kitty socks. just when i thought, "well at least her hair looks decent..." she throws on a pink headband over the half-do. again, i'm not fighting it. i don't have the energy. so i laugh and out the door we go when annoyance #542 begins...

i can't find my damn keys. i thought for sure they were in my purse. it's been a hectic weekend, i guess i was wrong. the girls are ready and loaded in the car as i run upstairs to search real quick. can' what do i do? what i always do while in a state of crisis. call jay. he is trying to be helpful, but obviously isn't much help considering we are down to one car today as my tire gets fixed. he can't come give me an extra key even if he wanted to. so he tries to calm me, and then i call my next go to person: stacy. she comes to rescue us, loads all of us up in her car, and off to the playdate we go. hip, hip, hooray!!

this is where the day starts looking up if only for a couple of hours. we arrive at gina's new home located in leeds where half the kids are playing outside and the other half are inside with santa. the girls are SO excited to see santa that they immediately wait in line to tell him what they want. i snag a couple of pics, santa gives abby a "rudolph nose," a coin, and a card in which she exclaims, "santa is magic!" indeed he is my child, indeed he is. later, santa reads a story to the kids and then both abby and lyla make a little craft in the corner. it was an wonderful playdate and i'm so glad we were still able to attend instead of being stuck at home. thank you for having us, gina...and thank you for the quick rescue, stacy! xoxo