Tuesday, December 14, 2010

cousin carson's xmas program

tuesday night, we headed over to the greek orthodox church where cousin carson was participating in his first ever christmas program. the show started at 6:00pm and karla maria saved us all some great seats. we watched carson as he stood on stage being the cutest jingle bell i've ever seen. he sang songs and tempted to pull of his costume all while naming us out of the crowd..."abby, lyla, kimmie, uncle jay!" he says it every time he sees us and it makes my heart melt.during the program, little lyla fell asleep and daddy held her the whole time, then passed her off to pawpaw. at one point, her snore was getting so loud that i knew she was enjoying that quick cat nap. so the program ends, and we all form a line in the back where refreshments are being served. we snack, chat, and then santa himself along with two of his elves enter the gym skipping along. the girls are excited to see him and let old saint nick know what they want for christmas. it was a great program, and good job, carson!