Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dance class christmas parties

tuesday, abby had her weekly dance class as well as a little festive christmas party that took place during the last 15 minutes of their class time. here is a picture of her class just beginning to start...after she entered into her class, lyla and i walked over to the next studio down where mrs. lori taught the 2 y/o classes. she handed her a christmas gift as i told her that due to big sister's christmas program at school the next day, lyla wouldn't be able to make it to her class. then mrs. lori suggested that lyla come dance and play in the class that was about to start even though she wasn't in her ballet attire. of course, sweet lil lylabug was all over it. she LOVES dance class. so off she went, dancing her heart out inside with other 2 y/o's that she's never met.after both classes let out at the same time and welcomed the parents in to sit with their child, i grabbed lyla and we headed over to abby's class where we all sat down and enjoyed some yummy treats with friends. overall, the timing worked out perfect and both of my girls got to do what they love best: dance. the last pic is of the girls walking out with one of abby's schoolmates, meredith. they are so sweet together.