Saturday, December 4, 2010

dirty 30th "vegas style"

after the doozie that was the night before, we all finally got to oversleep. it was much needed. so jay and i wake up, get ready, and decide to eat at the breakfast buffet inside ceasar's palace. then we walked over to the sports bar where we met up with everybody before the SEC championship game (auburn vs. south carolina) football game started at 1:00pm. the game was fan-freakin-tastic. everyone (even the bammers) bet money on the game at the sports book and we were so excited to collect our winnings at the end. the final score was 56-17 with the tigers bringing home yet another "w." WDE!!after watching the best football game i've ever seen auburn play, we walked over to the Bellagio where we had tickets to see "O" by cirque du soleil. the show started at 7:30pm and it was AH-MAZING!! the artists were freakishly strong, flexible, and talented. we saw the show with karla maria and tre and they agreed too. definitely worth seeing if you are in vegas. later, we ate dinner at a great sushi bar and walked around enjoying the sights since it was our last night there. the trip was a perfect combination of "group" fun and "one-on-one" with hubster fun. long live las vegas, baby!