Saturday, December 11, 2010

"everybody was kung fu fighting..."

saturday morning, we drove to hoover in honor of sofia's 6th birthday party at a taekwondo plus karate academy. this was the first type of karate anything that the mabster has attended if you don't count daddy trying to teach her and lil sis some jiu jitsu moves while in the den at home. it was fun. the instructor taught them a few drills, kicks, punches, etc. then they played a game of jump rope and lastly, some dodgeball. did i mention i got to be one of the moms who helped peg the little munchkins out? oh yeah, it was awesome. my kid ran around in a built in tutu dress and giggled the whole time. later, sofia broke a wooden board with one of her fierce karate chops and everyone cheered. after wards, everyone got to sit down for some birthday cake and ice cream as we sang to the special girl. happy birthday, sofia!