Friday, December 24, 2010

happy birthday, papa john!!

after celebrating christmas with my side of the family, we headed over to the restaurant in honor of papa john's birthday which is always on christmas eve. we arrived, ate some yummy lasagna, sang happy birthday, took a traditional picture of the birthday fingers, watched the birthday boy open presents, and then ate cake. it was great.after dinner, we let the kids run around and play as well as the adults. jay's ncle ian, aunt sally, trevor, and terri drove down from chicago and were there to celebrate as well. it's always great seeing them this time of the year, and the girls absolutely adore playing "house" with terri. here are some pics that we took while goofing around...lastly, the highlight of the night was when nana lin left her computer open after uploading pics to facebook when auntie jess sneaked in under her account and hijacked a lovingly status which included us. it went something like this...

Dear World,
I have the most amazing daughter, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, and mother in the world. They are beautiful, amazing, intelligent, talented ;) The holidays are just wonderful when they are around...oh, wooo is me, how do I survive without them!?!?! Life is hard when they are not around, but I am so happy r...ight now...and this isn't the egg nog talking...this is love!

followed by a few of our comments...

Jessica- Oh Mom, that is so sweet of you to say. I love you too, and I am so happy I am home for the holidays too. I didn't realize you wanted to confess your love for me to the world...aka Facebook! Love you and thanks for the sweet message!

Kim- Oh, how happy I am to be included on such a highly saturated status full of love. Keep drinking the eggnog, Mom. We love you more!! Hehehe.

Sally- thanks Linda, save some Eggnog for Santa!!!

Karla- Did Jess hijack your computer??! Hahaha, JK, YAY for happiness and great women! ;oP

Kim- ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!! LOL

note to self: never save passwords when the kids can get to your computer

Jessica- Mother...what ever do you mean?
it's all fun and games until someone leaves their facebook open...
happy birthday, papa john!!