Wednesday, December 8, 2010

mrs. claus assembly

today, abby's class had an assembly in which mrs. claus came to read stories and sing christmas carols with them. i was able to bring lyla too before her nearby dance class started, and as soon as we arrived, she spotted her big sister and sat right beside her. abby gave her a hug and together they sat just as sweet as two sisters could be. it made my heart melt. really. it did. i was able to get a group picture of abby's class since her teachers love taking pics just as much as i do. :) everyone enjoyed seeing mrs. claus and soon began lining up for their snacks at the nearby tables. lyla got to share a snack with big sis as weel, and soon mrs. claus stopped by for a quick visit with the girls. here are some pics...after the assembly was over with, abby headed back to class while i left to take lyla to her dance class. then i hop, skipped, and jumped back over to help some of the other moms put together table decorations for our upcoming christmas program that we are in charge of organizing. the kiddos all cut out their handprints and we then made a wreath out of them. they will be used as not only centerpieces, but as a surprise gift to their parents the day of the program. i think they really turned out cute. here are some pics...