Thursday, December 30, 2010


thursday night, we drove over to leah (tony's older sister)'s house in order to surprise maloney for her 30th birthday. family and friends all showed up around 6:00pm since tony was bringing her by at 6:30pm. maloney had no clue since their original plan was to drop off claire bear for the night while they went out to dinner. the events leading up to this point were hilarious considering tony's surprise plan attempts were almost foiled when maloney found purchases on their credit card which lead to tony lieing that someone had stolen it that morning. classic.

when maloney walked through the door, we all screamed "surprise!!" and that she was. the kiddos had their blowers and were just as excited to help celebrate. the food was catered by "pita hut" and it was yummy. we all chatted the night away and then later, abby helped the birthday girl blow out the candles on her cake. it was great to be a part of such a fun celebration. happy 30th birthday, maloney!!


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