Saturday, December 18, 2010

tacky christmas party!

saturday night we headed over to tony and maloney's house for their 4th annual "tacky christmas sweater" party. this event is always a good time. ALWAYS. the funny thing is that it started off being a "tacky christmas sweater" theme...but now it's just whatever you can find that's tacky and still christmas related. it's awesome. everyone brought a dish to share and as usual, there was lots to drink.

when everyone had arrived, we all sat down in the den to listen to bo-bo's storytime. rumors were flying about this specific story that we all had to hear about his new girlfriend. ummm, yeah. it was some odd nasty, yet hilarious information in which we all received. here are some pics of a few in their tacky attire. oh, and let's not forget the sign that was visible as you first walked through the door: epic the night progressed, things were getting rowdy. we decided it was a good time to start drawing numbers for the "dirty santa" game in which everyone spent $5 on some sort of adult novelty toy. oh yeah, the good times were about to peak. needless to say, tony had everyone draw their numbers from claire bear's potty. nice. however, before the game started, everyone voted and cheered for the best outfit...needless to say, bo-bo's story won the trophy for the night. again, nice.

so dirty santa begins and the gifts that are being opened are absolutely hilarious. the pictures below really do not do the whole festivity justice, and believe me when i say i had to delete most of the pictures because they were too crude. for example: 3 tubes of anal-ease were exchanged and a trucker's hat that read, "i go down all night..." (with a picture of santa going down a chimney. yeah, good for laughs, but not young children's eyes or family on facebook. hehe. overall, it was one helluva great christmas party with wonderful friends. thank you for having us, tony and maloney. it was a success as usual!