Thursday, December 9, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) Finds it hilarious when I ask Lyla, "Who made that mess?" and she blames it on big sis...even when Abby's at school. #MyLittleWhiteLiar

2.) Just finished concocting my kid's Mary costume for her Christmas program next week. Seamstress is definitely not one of the hats I wear...

3.) My kid just asked, "Mommy, can you open this up for me because you're so awesome?" #SmartKid #OrMaybeSmartass #Hmmm

4.) From A's school assembly to Lyla's dance class back to A's school to help make table decorations & now lunch with Hubs. Mommy needs nap.

5.) Hubs brought home the Dance Revolution for the Wii. They're playing it in The Mabster's bedroom now. #FanFreakinTasticallyHilarious

6.) RT @capricecrane: Half of the attorneys on TV commercials look like they live with their mother; the other half look like they killed her.

7.) Big sis walks around nekked. Lil sis wants to do the same. Big sis wears a skirt on her head & laughs. Lil sis does the same. #MonkeySeeMonkeyDo

8.) Like whoa, the weekend of travel & the 4 hour flight has totally spanked my arse. Hard. #GoingBackToBed #HomeSweetHome

9.) Errands, errands, & more errands. My kids love them. Why? Because we go to the bank & they get suckers. The post office? Suckers there too.

10.) RT @lizziola: Childless people should really consider their bathroom privacy a privilege. Cherish it. Really.

11.) Hello Starbucks. Mommy needs a quick pick me up. Let's make it happen. Peace. #FarewellVegasBitches

12.) Whole crew placed bets on this game. About to go collect our winnings. Must be nice to be so consistently "lucky," eh? :) #WarDamnEagle

13.) I believe I just pissed myself. That was sick. Beautiful Hail Mary. Absolutely beautiful. #WarDamnEagle #SECchampionship

14.) Definition of a quick workout by a pregger lady: Putting on jeggings and slut boots. #VegasBitches

15.) RT @capricecrane: The scariest ghost story is about a serial killer that appears every few years, kills, and vanishes. It's called "McRib."

16.) Hey y'all the rodeo is here! Save a horse, ride a cowboy. #VegasBitches

17.) Got heavily patted down by TSA at the airport & thoroughly enjoyed it. Did I mention I haven't seen Hubs in 4 days? #Sarcasm #VegasBitches

18.) Need Hubs to carry my heavy suitcase down the stairs & forgot to pull the trash down driveway this morning. Not very good at doing his job while he is out of town. #Oops