Thursday, December 23, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) Cracks up when Lyla snatches something from Big Sis and instead of screaming, "Mine!"'s "Share!!" #ThoughtfulYetStillNotRight

2.) Dear Fruit Ninja, thank you for supplying me with an hours worth of entertainment. It was fun while it lasted. Peace. Xoxo, ~K

3.) My eldest daughter keeps screaming, "And the reason is...Click it or Ticket!!" #SerenityNow

4.) There's nothing like a 1 hour glucose test first thing in the morning. Now baby Jemma is doing jumping jacks in my uterus..."sugar, sugar, YAY!!!" Boo. Hiss. Vomit.

5.) things i never thought i'd say after using the steam-vac tonight..."don't lick the carpet!!"

6.) Lots to, WHOA!!

7.) I believe I'd rather dig my eyes out with a dull spoon than try to upload pics to facebook right now... #SooooPainfullySlooow

8.) This static is definitely not conducive for a good hair day. #NoBueno

9.) Christmas party last night, birthday party this morning, and now abouts to head to a Christmas tacky sweater party! #TisTheSeasonForCheer

10.) Fact: I firmly believe that my Hubs enjoys watching "How to Train A Dragon" more than the kids. #HesOnlySeenIt100x

11.) My short white baby just walked up to me and wiped her snotty nose on my leg. Twice. #PersonalSnotRag

12.) Every inch of this house is a disaster area. Thought Hubs would clean up while I was gone. Btw, that last statement was saturated in sarcasm.

13.) @YankeBell so I was should totally bring bagels to the Christmas party tonight... #Lmao #SharingIsCaring

14.) RT @capricecrane: If you're gonna have a kid, whatever you do, don't name it "Anonymous." Those guys always turn out to be total assholes.

15.) RT @Kristaplynn: The thought of all I have to do before Christmas is overwhelming me. Fetal position is imminent.

16.) During the cold brittle winter, there comes a time when one must assume responsibility. To shave their pits. Today was that day. #ChaChaChiaBegone

17.) Necessity vs. Want: Big Bertha is getting all new tires today. Merry Christmas to me! #AnExpensiveSarcasticCheer

18.) Dear headache, I wish you'd find an exit now. Thank you much. #BooThisHeadOfMine

19.) Whoever ordered my kid a subscription for "Highlights"...well, I'd like to kiss you on the mouth. #MyChildhoodFavorite

20.) Epic Success: Christmas shopping at Toys-R-Us during church hours on a Sunday. #NobodyThere #PrincessParking

21.) Nothing but Christmas cards in the mail today. Nine total and not one ounce of junk mail or bills. Jesus Christ, it's a beautiful day!!

22.) I've never enjoyed reading my facebook's newsfeed as much as I have during this year's football season. #CamForHeisman #GlorifyThis #WDE!!

23.) Hubs finally took "Big Bertha" in for her routine maintenance and oil change this morning. #ILoveThisMan #AboutsDamnTime