Thursday, December 2, 2010

dirty 30th "vegas style"

for some time now, we had plans with some of our college friends to go out BIG for our upcoming 30th birthdays. what better place than VEGAS, right!? so that's exactly what we did! there were 12 of us total of which 9 were celebrating our "dirty thirty." it was SO.AWESOME.

rewind: so jay had been out there already waiting for me since he flew out for work-related reasons that monday. when thursday came along, i dropped the girls off at lola and pawpaw's house where mamaw watched them during the day, and then boarded the plane with karla maria and tre. once we arrived, we checked in to our room, and i was sooo glad to see my jay...especially for a weekend of kid less activities. need i say more? so i freshen up and get ready for our dinner reservations at Rao's located inside Ceasar's Palace. jay had previously asked me what i was craving and of course, i responded back with "yummy italian." and that it was. it was DELICIOSO! after wards, tony and maloney met up with us for drinks at the bar before later moving on to "Red Square" vodka bar. we chatted the night away, toasted each other, and then asked if we could take a picture with the fur coats that were located beside the ice room. unfortunately, we weren't allowed since we didn't spend over $200 on a bottle of vodka. schucks. i think i'd rather keep my money. later, we listened to a live band where the guy got all nekked donning titty tassles. classic.