Friday, December 3, 2010

dirty 30th "vegas style"

we woke up friday morning and met up with the other couples for breakfast at the "Hash House A Go Go" that was located inside the Imperial Palace. tony chose this place for all of us after watching it on "Man vs. Food." he chose well because the food was SO good and the portions were freakin' HUGE. seriously, you know it's something you're not use to seeing when they lay it our before you and everyone gasps as they grab for their cameras to take a picture. jay ordered the "man vs. food" favorite that was listed on the menu and he dominated it. as soon as we saw it, we gave him two rolaids for preemptive measures. it was hilarious, yet so scrumptious.after breakfast, we all decided that we needed to do some serious walking to burn off some of the food. so we headed over to the forum shops inside ceasar's palace. we bought the girls some super cute outfits and browsed around with friends. we also watched the "atlantis" show where the statues moved before us. here are some pics...after breakfast and shopping, the guys decided to do a bit of gambling. as for some of the girls, we headed back to our room where we took one glorified nap that was much needed if we were going to push our way through the wee hours of the morning. we know the men we married and knew the night would be festive.

fast-forward: after a nap, shower, shaving, and blow-drying, we're ready to make our way to dinner reservations at the "Voodoo Lounge" on top of the Rio. this dinner was SO.MUCH.FUN. bates started it off with a toast which was sentimental yet still slightly ridiculous. we cheered each other, chatted, ate great food, and then got silly with some "30th birthday" flair. here are some pics...after dinner, we all walked upstairs to the rooftop where the sight of the vegas strip was absolutely breath-taking. really. it was just beautiful. so the guys buy a round of shots for the group, and yet another toast was made. this time there was no sentiment, just ridiculous raunchiness. thanks, game plan was for all of us to jump in a taxi and make our way to fremont street in downtown las vegas. instead of 2 taxis however, a limo approached us with a deal that was much cheaper than our original idea. plus, limos are so much fun with a rowdy group of friends. how could we possibly say no!? we arrived at the fremont experience stage where a live band was playing some old school country music. did i mention that the rodeo was in town? yup, save a horse, ride a cowboy. the characters out that night were fantastic. everyone gambled the night away with blackjack, craps, and 3 card poker. it was fun to feel the energy of the guys who made some big wins. by this point, it's waaay past my bedtime and everyone decides to head back to our casino. while waiting in the taxi line, the mother of all limos pull up and the guy announces that it's for us. it's name was "the kong" which was plastered across it's windshield. it was a stretched was badass. i didn't even know they made the bad boys this big. we were all giddy with delight. it was awesome. needless to say, the lawyer and doctors in our bunch were acting like the biggest fools. it was all in all, an excellent time.