Friday, December 10, 2010

white elephant christmas party

friday night marked bluemomma's annual "white elephant" christmas party where the theme of dirty santa is played but with some sort of crap that you've brought from your own home. no money is to be spent. you must already have the item located within your house. kinda like "one man's trash is another man's treasure"...although all of it was pretty funny.

everyone brings a side dish and their own drink of choice. we chatted, ate, and then let the games begin. the gifts ranged from old family quilts, men's thong underwear, christmas decorations, an omelet maker, scented hot massage oil, and lastly everyone's favorite provided by seis...a half-filled box of christmas ornaments, snazzy pair of white sunglasses, a wine bottle cover, and a glorious white girdle to polish off the ultimate gift. ends up, YB was the recipient of this gag gift and immediately headed to the kitchen where she came back out donning the wonderful girdle and surprises. it was fantabulous and everyone nearly died laughing. all in all, it was a great low-key night with the girls just being silly and wrapped up in the christmas spirit. happy holidays!