Friday, December 31, 2010

new year's eve

before i begin, this is what happened five minutes before everyone arrived. party started at 7:00pm...yup, sweet little lyla fell asleep right there on the floor as we were doing some last minute preparations. luckily, we laid her down in our bedroom right before our guests had arrived. i think she got about an hour power nap in which we were thankful for considering we knew she'd want to party till midnight with the rest of the kids, err i mean, adults.

so everyone arrives with kids in tow and a dish to share. as usual, jay grills out the meat (most of the time it's pork tenderloin...this time it was wrapped in bacon and yum-o) while everyone just brings a side. we had a great spread, bellies were filled, and the kiddos played all night long. here are some pics...after a couple of hours pass by, we all decided to head downstairs to the man cave where jay had the "dance dance revolution" set up on the wii. let the games begin!! everyone gave it a go, and it was hilarious to watch. soon the little munchkins wanted in on the fun as well so we let them have their turn. again, hilarious. here are some pics...a few more hours passed and soon it was 15 minutes until the countdown for midnight came near. the girls hung out in our bedroom as abby showed anna and ellen how to play angry birds on her ipad. pretty funny, right? then everyone met in the den where we got the champagne toast ready for the adults and sparkling white grape juice for the kids. champagne flutes were held high as we all formed a circle and toasted each other. we counted down and screamed, "happy new year!!" as we kissed the ones we love. soon after, we let the kids go out on the back porch and light some sparklers for fun. they each got to chose between red, blue, or green ones and giggles as they lit up the dark night was a great night and although 2010 was a damn good year for us, i can only hope and pray that 2011 is even better. so cheers to each and everyone...may you have a healthy and prosperous year!! love, the douglas family

Thursday, December 30, 2010


thursday night, we drove over to leah (tony's older sister)'s house in order to surprise maloney for her 30th birthday. family and friends all showed up around 6:00pm since tony was bringing her by at 6:30pm. maloney had no clue since their original plan was to drop off claire bear for the night while they went out to dinner. the events leading up to this point were hilarious considering tony's surprise plan attempts were almost foiled when maloney found purchases on their credit card which lead to tony lieing that someone had stolen it that morning. classic.

when maloney walked through the door, we all screamed "surprise!!" and that she was. the kiddos had their blowers and were just as excited to help celebrate. the food was catered by "pita hut" and it was yummy. we all chatted the night away and then later, abby helped the birthday girl blow out the candles on her cake. it was great to be a part of such a fun celebration. happy 30th birthday, maloney!!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Q: what are my kids crack?
A: art-n-crafts, silly!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

the day after christmas...

on christmas night, cousins terri and trevor spent the night with us just like last year. terri played with the girls as they had their very own slumber party where jay played xbox in the man cave with trevor, and auntie jess roamed throughout. the next morning, we all woke up to more snow continuing to fall. it was beautiful. everyone played with their christmas loot and had fun just being silly. here are some pics...later that night, nan invited us all over for dinner at her house since it was uncle ian and gang's last night here in town before they drove back home to chicago. nan made pot roast stew and it was perfectly delicious to eat on such a cold winter day. i believe more than half of us were all starting to catch the crud that had been going around so the warm comfort food was a plus. the kids ate at the kids table in the kitchen while all the adults ate in the dining room. after dinner, we all cuddled up on the couches in the den and watched the toy story marathon that was on tv. we talked, laughed, and then nan let the kids pick out a candy-filled penguin that was located on her fireplace mantle. it was a great ending to a busy weekend filled with family and festivities.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

the gift that keeps giving...

jay and i are sentimental people. always have been. i think that's why we go so well together. he loves that i take the time and dedication to document our memories into scrapbooks, and now this blog. i'm not gonna lie...some times it's a royal pain in my arse to sit down, load pics, re-tell our stories, and make this all possible. but i do it for my family, more specifically our girls. because god forbid if anything should ever happen to any of us, at least one day i can pass down these books and they can have a feeling of security that they "remember" all the little things in life that made us so happy and who we are. good grief, i'm getting teary-eyed just typing this...told you i was a damn sap. i digress.

so we've started a tradition as of last year: for christmas, my gift from jay are my blog entries printed out into books. so far, i have a total of 5 thick books...soon there will be a library of them, i'm sure. they are my most prized possession for some many reasons.okay so on the flip side, what did i get jay? well a couple of months ago, i was hardcore cleaning out our master bedroom closet. the place had turned into a complete disaster area and you could barely even walk into it. i pulled out and bagged clothes that we both haven't worn in years and gave them all to goodwill. then i stumbled upon all of our old ratty fraternity/sorority t-shirts that i knew i could never let go. i just couldn't. too many good times were had in college and these shirts were a token of them. then just like that, BAM, it hits me. collect them all and have a t-shirt quilt made out of them. i collected 20 of those bad boys and left just a couple to continue to wear for old time's sake. i click on google faster than lightening and find the cheapest site that made quality quilts. they could make it just in time before christmas...SCORE! and so here it is...all in all, these are my favorite gifts of all time: the ones that will forever live in our hearts, just now we actually have a hard copy. thanks for the day-to-day routines and memories...and many more to come. there's no one i'd rather share it with. XOXO

merry christmas 2010!!

the girls woke up anxiously excited on christmas morning. abby ran straight to the tree, saw all the presents and said, "see, i told you santa would come!!" it was hilarious. they immediately began tearing into their gifts and loved them all. abby's most favorite gift that she's been asking for for months was her very own look-a-like american girl doll. she has brown eyes and hair just like abby along with her ears pierced. abby was in heaven as she hugged the box once she opened it. as for lyla, her favorite was the big crayola easel in which she can draw on and play with the magnets, as well as her shopping cart. here are some pics...shortly after opening presents from santa, uncle ian and gang came over for some yummy breakfast at 9:00am. we all ate eggs, cheese grits, bacon, biscuits, etc., and then everyone hung out for awhile as all the kids played with their new toys. oh, and did i mention that daddy bought the girls "dance dance revolution" along with some other games for the wii? yeah, it was awesome and definitely makes for a good time. here are some pics...later in the day, we all decided to go see a movie. this is one of auntie jess's traditions that she started with the scarlett family when they are in town every year. we decided to go see "little fockers" and it was hilarious. we were worried about the roads since it had been snowing all morning, but thankfully, it wasn't cold enough for it to stick so we were okay driving in it.

after the movie, we drove home, i took a quick shower and then we headed back down to the restaurant where we celebrated christmas with jay's side of the family. the food was ready for us and dude, baby jemma and i were starving so there was definitely no hesitation when making a plate. we said prayer, held english crackers as we pulled them open, and then donned our christmas hats, read off our jokes, and adored the little christmas ornaments that were inside.soon we all sat down to eat, finished our meal, and then let the kiddos unwrap their christmas presents by the tree. wrapping paper went flying and when i say that all the kiddos racked up, i mean they RACKED.UP. lyla received a beloved pillow pet, babydolls, a pink cozy coupe, play-doh, etc. and abby received all things disney's "rapunzel" related including a doll that was nearly taller than her, puzzles, make-up, crafts, and everything in between. here are some pics...all in all, it was wonderful christmas. the older the girls get, the more fun these holidays are. lastly, thanks to auntie jess for providing the girls christmas dresses...they are SOO cute!! here are just a few other candid pictures i tool throughout the night with family that we love. hope everyone had a very merry christmas! xoxo