Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BCS champions: Auburn Tigers!!!

monday night marked history. our auburn tigers were playing the oregon ducks in the BCS national championship game in glendale, arizona. kick off started at 7:30pm and while lola and pawapaw were there in the stadium that glorious night, we were stuck at home thanks to the icy roads and weather conditions. that was okay with us though considering we had no real big plans to go out and watch it somewhere. instead, jay grilled out some delicious steaks as we all dressed up in our game day colors to support and cheer on our team. war damn eagle, baby!!the game was a close one from start to finish...i kid you not when i say that jay didn't sit down not once throughout the whole game. oh, and you gotta love the obnoxious texts from bammer mitchelle as soon as the game started. that said, we then taught abby when to say, "take that, mitchelle!!" every time the tigers had a great play. hilarious. we were all so pumped and high-fiving especially during the last minutes of the fourth quarter. our tigers took the "W" home along with the title of NATIONAL CHAMPIONS with a score of 22-19. again, it was awesome and WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!