Monday, January 31, 2011

a day with tita karmie...

monday morning, tita karmie came over for a surprise visit while the girls were both in school. we ate lunch together and then ran some errands before picking up the girls around 1:00pm. after dropping big B off at her house, we headed back home where tita karmie played with the girls all day till daddy got home. during the afternoon hours, the mabster and tita karmie laid down in our bedroom and proceeded to watch a movie. ends up tita karmie fell asleep. when the opportunity presented itself, i seized it and took a picture. of course, abby's rocking some super light pink lip gloss and hamming it up for the picture. later she stole tita karmie's glasses and ran around the house wearing them, saying things like, "it looks like i have 5 mommies!" god love it. thanks for spending the day with us, tita karmie. we love you!