Saturday, January 29, 2011

happy 30th, jaydoug!!

saturday night, we celebrated jay's 30th birthday with close friends at home field. it's been awhile since everyone has thrown drinks back and cut a rug at our favorite little honky tonk so we were all pretty excited. also, it was our first time to get together and listen to one of the live bands that were playing that night, erica and the soulshine band. they were awesome. the lead singer was a tiny little lady with a huge voice and she sang songs that made this preggo lady run front and center along with friends, and shake what my momma gave me.

we arrived early at 7:00pm to chow down on some yummy dinner and chat it up. the band started playing at 9:30pm and at this point, the drinks were continuing to flow. all in all, we all had a blast especially the birthday boy. i have to admit, you know you're officially old when you can barely make it past midnight...definitely can't hang like we use to and for some reason, i find extreme comfort in that. i have accepted my old card proudly. thank god birthdays come once a year! LOL. thank you to all who came to help celebrate. your reciprocity of a good friendship means the world to us and we love you bitches! happy "dirty 30" jay!! XOXO