Saturday, January 8, 2011

happy birthday, ellen!!

saturday morning, both girls were invited to ellen's 5th birthday party at MAE dolls in crestline. the party started at 11:30am and was themed as a "teddy bear tea party." i was so excited that both girls were able to come because i knew lyla would enjoy it just as much as abby. it was a "drop off and go" event so once i dropped off the girls, the other moms and i all walked over to La Paz for some yummy mexican. i left my camera with becca who then gave it to tyler who took some awesome pictures for me while i was gone. i now feel like i was there. thanks, guys!

during the birthday party, glitter was sprinkling in their hair, they all got to pick out their own stuffed animal/teddy bear/etc. both abby and lyla chose a big purple cuddly teaddy bear. they were allowed to stuff their bears and zip'em up. then, they danced on the stage, had a tea party with pink lemonade and decorated their cupcakes. after singing happy birthday to ellen, they then rode on the carousel together. both girls had a blast. happy birthday, ellen!