Saturday, January 15, 2011

happy birthday, henry and finn!

saturday we drove over to my two favorite twin boys' birthday party. the festivities started at 11:30pm as the kids ran around and played throughout the church gym. soon after, pizza was served and then the funniest magician ever made an appearance. all the kids loved him as he performed many different age appropriate magic tricks. the finale was definitely when the white bunny rabbit appeared out of the box. everyone jumped from out of their seats with squeals and towards the end, the munchkins got to pet the friendly little fella. it was seriously too cute. here are some pics...after the magic show was over with, all of the children continued to play. the mabster and big B rode around on one bicycle as they whizzed through the crowd. lyla enjoyed being pushed along in frantic fashion by daddy in the little cozy coupe. soon after, we all sang "happy birthday" to the boys as they blew out the candle on their harry potter and star wars cakes. it was a fun-filled family day. happy birthday, henry and finn!