Tuesday, January 25, 2011

happy birthday, lola and jay!!

tuesday night, we celebrated both lola and jay's birthday since they are only days apart from each other. dinner at o'charley's at 6:00pm was decided and everyone was there except for karla maria since she has strep throat (we missed you, but are glad that you are feeling better). when we arrived, gifts were exchanged and tita karmie came with a huge bag filled with super cute dresses from old navy for the girls. she told jay that was his present which in turn was PER-FECT because the man never knows what he wants and at least the girls will definitely be wearing these clothes, day in and day out, plus saving him money on new clothes for them. totally a win-win.

throughout dinner, lola talked about auburn football and cam newton...and karmie made fun of lola for talking about nothing but auburn football and cam newton. it was hilarious. seriously. the food was great and the company was even better. happy birthday, lola and jay, we love you more than anything in the world!! XOXOlastly as we were walking out, the mabster was giving kisses to her tita karmie and lola. in all honesty, this is a rarity because the little lady has to be in a good mood to give out her sugar freely...seems like tonight was a good time because at one point she squeezed tita karmie's face so hard that i think we were all in shock. don't believe me? here's proof...